Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A brand new day

Today I decided to start a blog about my experiences as an erotic writer.

This is spurred on by the fact that most writers who pen erotica do so under pen names. Some people are open about their pen names, others...not so much.

Jeanne Sullivan has been writing for years but her first published books as Jeanne Sullivan are just hitting the stores.

VAMP by Savanna Samson from Thunder's Mouth is my first forray into ghost writing as Jeanne.

There is a second book from Thunder's Mouth, LUST RANCH by Sunrise Adams due out in January 2006.

These two books are part of a new project put together by Vivid Video and Thunder's Mouth Press. My book VAMP is the first one out of the gate as well as DAY OF THE DEAD by Mercedez by Desiree Knight.

Some people may find the idea of writing erotica painful and degrading. Others may find it fun and wonder how they too can get a job like this.

I enjoy writing erotica. Truth be told, I grew up a prude with very traditional values. I graduated high school a virgin, no mean feat for the seventies or for today.

However, along the way, after a failed marriage and a couple of kids, I decided that being good hasn't gotten me too far, so what's it like to be bad?

I began to write erotic stories expressing these ideas. The idea of the bad girl just going out and getting what she wants and needs.

I mean a bad girl who is not evil or predatory, in fact, the term bad girl is just describing someone who does what men do all the time with no flack. Of course, I write about downright evil characters too, but not generally in my erotica.

For an erotic read with an evil bad girl, you will want to try MISTRESS OF THE DARK, the diary of a nympho serial killer, which will be out in December.

I've always been a curious girl and these days if I get time off from my computer and kids, I enjoy spending my time at dungeons and fetish clubs.

When my agent approached me about writing books about Savanna Samson and Sunrise Adams, I thought about all the things these girls could do and what could I do to make an interesting story?

When I signed the contract with Thunder's Mouth, there was no mention of keeping secret who actually is writing these books. I've now seen interviews with Savanna Samson where she openly states she did NOT write VAMP and she is as surprised as I am that her name is on the book and ads as the author. When I took the gig, I asked if we were to be ghostwriting as the actual star or are we writing ABOUT the star. We were told to write about the star.

VAMP takes place in a fetish club around Halloween. I wrote the book from the point of view of handsome hunk Tony who tours the club with his buddies. They have amazing sexual prowess, maybe time stood still in the club as they experienced all the wonderful events.

Tony hears about Savanna as he travels from room to room. Each room has a different theme. There is the Phantom of the Opera, the Frankenstein lab, a lagoon, a blue room, a dungeon and others.

At last, he encounters Savanna and he will lust for her forever.

I had a lot of fun writing the book. I hope you will have fun reading it.

Work for hire is a very different experience for me. Seeing my book getting press and interviews, reading about a launch party for my book and the other Vivid Girls Books in New York City that none of the authors were invited to, it all is strange.

But I'm looking forward to writing more books with Vivid and Thunder's Mouth. Where else can a good girl be bad?


At 7:19 AM, Blogger DesirĂ©e Knight said...

Desirée Knight here, authoress of Mercedez: Day of the Dead, another VIVID girl book. Congrats on the new blog, Jeanne. Us erotic chicks have to stick together!

At 7:58 AM, Blogger Jeanne Sullivan said...

Hi, Desiree!

Welcome to my blog! Feel free to talk about your experiences writing as Mercedez.


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